Prucotena Prucotena

Who we are?

We provide investing expertise when investing in banks in 50 countries. Banks are complex companies that rely more on the overall economic environment than other companies. That is why at Prucotena SA, we focus so much in a thorough and in-depth evaluation of the economy as well as the bank itself.

Prucotena SA covers 50 countries and has hand picked 180 banks worldwide that are key players in their respective economies and worldwide.

Unlike banks, at Prucotena SA, we co-invest with our clients and we share the risk and rewards of our investment decisions.

Prucotena SA is lead by Jorge Secades who has extensive international experience in the banking sector.

“Everyone earns their money in what they really do well and loses their money in what they would really like to do well” Jorge Secades


What makes us different?

We used a combination of the value school investment techniques with a thorough and in-depth analysis of the economy and the markets where a bank operates.

We invest mainly in Europe, our core market, but we cover banks in America, Asia, Africa and Australia.